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Experience at the sales point

Physical retailers, all over the world, are struggling everyday to differentiate themselves from online retailers and to attract more customers to their stores. These online retailers are competing using prices, inviting customers to compare them at any moment of their shopping journey especially against the brick and mortar shops. This behavior is eroding revenues substantially for physical retailers, causing many of them to close their doors.

Today, physical retailers have two levers to turn tables:

  • Optimize operations to reduce the impact of lower revenues and costs (especially real estate).
  • Provide differentiating value in stores that boost brand position and impulsive sales.

BOND fulfil both goals at the same time through unique retail customer journey inside and outside the store. It attends customers along the entire customer journey through the different digital channels and automates low value actions that employees should perform otherwise. Stores can finally evolve from a unidirectional scenario to an omnichannel, customer centric one.

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